Pregnancy Pampering with a Bump Box Subscription

Bump Box for the win!

We had finally made it to week 10, which was huge for us! Our path to even getting to this point in a pregnancy had proven to be quite the challenge. After experiencing four consecutive miscarriages all within a two and a half year timeframe. Blood tests were going in the right directions, ultrasound showed a beating heart and the first trimester exhaustion was full tilt. One day a pink Bump Box arrived on our front steps and I was just over the moon with excitement with this little piece of joy in our lives, especially after so much heartbreak. My husband, without any magazine articles strategically placed around the house or hints, purchased me a Bump Box subscription.

Each month I look forward to each new Bump Box subscription arrival and religiously use all the products; they are formulated specifically for pregnancy. Several different subscription options that range from a month to month to a twelve month subscription or if you are looking for a one time gift that is possible also!

Bump Box Product Loves

Bump Box Product Miss

All of these products came in my monthly box and although many of the “loves” I enjoyed and regularly use. When reviewing the retail price, I most likely would have found a less expensive option. From my persepective, the baby book, sonogram picture, book, mug and massager are overpriced. The Mambino Facial Mist is amazing and I will continue to use that even post pregnancy. Mambino Facial Mist has a great scent, texture when sprayed on my face is perfection, and the intensity of the spray covers the full face. Prior to this Mambino spray I was using the Mario Bedescu, which was great, but Mambino far exceeds.

Adding to your monthly box

If you sign up or are gifted Bump Box on a subscription basis, you now have the ability to add to your box each month. Due to being a subscription member, you will receive a discount when adding products to your box. I would have loved to be able to customize my box and set preferences such as skin care and baby health as priorities over bath products for me. Currently that is not an available feature, or at least not one I was able to figure out on the website.

February Un-Boxing

Worth the splurge?

Yes, pregnancy is such a special time in your life. I was so grateful my husband gifted this for me, especially during a pandemic when it becomes more difficult to celebrate many things in life. If you love this idea but are not able or do not want to spend the money, put your own pregnancy box together! Recommended items to include:

  • Water Bottle (staying hydrated throughout your pregnancy is key)
  • Mints (to help with nausea)- Get these at your local Walgreens/Walmart/Target
  • Sonogram picture frame
  • Skincare for mom: Look for products from Honest, Tula, Mambino, Burt’s Bees
  • Bathing baby: Aveeno Baby and Johnson & Johnson Baby are great choices. Both of the options provided are gift sets.

Attention other new mommas: Check out my March Amazon baby finds. I purchased all of these after looking through reviews, talking to friends, watching YouTube videos and consulting experts at Buy Buy Baby.

Congratulations Mommas!

Bump Box Subscription service

Price varies based on subscription selection








  • Variety of products
  • Ability to add products to existing bump box packages
  • Packaging and presentation


  • You can add but not swap out products
  • Items carry a higher price tag
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