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Explore Miniature World in Hamburg Germany

During a recent trip to Germany, we explored Miniature World in Hamburg—a delightful destination that proved to be a hidden gem for families. Boasting intricately crafted miniatures showcasing diverse landscapes from around the world, the experience was both captivating and enriching. We experienced a miniature airport, the alps, Las Vegas, Rio, Tuscany, and so many other known cities.

What sets Miniature World apart is its focus on creating a kid-friendly atmosphere, ensuring that both little ones and adults can immerse themselves fully in the wonder of the exhibits. Adding to the charm is the inviting cafeteria, where visitors can recharge with a variety of delicious treats, and traditional German cuisine.

Plan in Advance for Miniature World

Purchase tickets in advance! I strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance. When purchasing tickets you will pick a time of entry and ticket category (adult, child, disabled, discounted). You may also be able to secure a discount for booking online!

The exhibit is large and there are minimal benches throughout. If you or someone in your party has limited mobility, bring a wheelchair or walker with built in seat with you. If mobility devices are not available to you; identify your ‘must see’ exhibits and plan for extra breaks in the cafeteria.

To experience everything in Miniature World, plan on spending at least three to four hours. In that time you will be able to walk through the exhibits, take a break to relax and dine in the cafeteria, and then continue exploring all the Miniature World has to offer. On your way out stroll through the gift shop and bring home souvenirs to remember the trip!

Check out our YouTube video below as we take you on a virtual tour through the displays, highlighting the intricate details that make Miniature World a must-visit destination for families and travelers.

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