Buying new versus used. What does your baby really need?

Help! What do you buy new versus used for your new baby?

When preparing for a new baby, I initially thought “Of course, we will purchase all new items for her.” Now even if you are comfortable setting aside $2,500-$3,500 for the initial big item purchases, I still recommend identifying areas to save money. Some of those areas are buying used items, waiting to purchase items based on seasonal sales, borrowing from a friend, or hand-me-downs.

The great things thing about used baby items is that the usage is pretty minimal. Why is the use minimal? Well, babies grow fast and they might have only been able to use the item for a month or two. This post shares the items I recommend buying new versus borrowing and or buying new.

What to Buy New For Baby

buy new versus used

This is not an all-inclusive list, however, gives you an example of the buy new versus used mindset. As a rule of thumb, you will want to buy new anything that will receive significant wear, is a hygiene or food item, or has expiration dates. Based on my experience items I heavily use are burb cloths, bibs, changing pads, diaper bag, and pacifiers.

I am sure you could find a diaper bag in good condition; although that will be more of a hidden gem situation. You might also run into the same situation with a carrier, although I strongly recommend buying a new one. This recommendation comes from a car seat safety class I took at our local medical center. You will use the carrier more than you may expect. Each time your baby leaves the house, your baby will be in the carrier. If you purchase used, make sure you check the manufactures date to ensure the carrier is still safe to use, also make sure the carrier has never been in the car during an accident.

Other items to buy new are:

  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Shampoo, body wash, lotion
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Baby medicines
  • Formula

What to Buy Used or Borrow For Baby

buy new versus used

Patience is key when buying used. You will need to spread your online resale search over several months. There will be easy items to pick up at good prices, but then you might end up waiting a month or two for a lightly used nicely priced walker, swing, or jumper.

The rule of thumb is anything with a hard surface that can be cleaned or a soft surface that can be washed. I saved hundreds of dollars by purchasing items from Facebook Marketplace. I purchased an infant bathtub for $5, a diaper genie for $10, a top-of-the-line swing for $45, the high safety rated Joovy walker for $15, and several clothes and carrier covers for great deals. With any of the online garage sale-type sites, new items are added daily. Patience and quick execution are necessary when you find something that you need and is a great deal. Once my mother-in-law heard I was open to hand-me-downs and garage sale gems, she quickly filled our baby’s closet.

Other buy used or borrow items could be:

  • Baby Monitors
  • Diaper Pail
  • Crib (check safety standards)
  • Carrier covers
  • Stroller (check safety standards)

How much can you really SAVE?

Hundreds! The chart below shows just a small snapshot of some of the items I purchased new, now this does not even cover what some of my girlfriends gave me as hand-me-downs or items to borrow.

Preparing for Baby

When purchasing anything on the Facebook marketplace or similar sites, always use safe pick-up options and pay cash upon arrival.

Please share in the comments other items that you have purchased used vs new!

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