Welcome to The Meyeried Life, the vibrant hub of Meyer Consulting Group LLC! Immerse yourself in a realm where simplicity intertwines with creativity, crafting everyday moments into unforgettable experiences. Life’s Tools & Tales: Consulting, Travel, Family.

Discover budget-friendly DIY home projects, ranging from modest upgrades to stunning transformations that will elicit awe and inspire simplicity.

Join us on an exhilarating journey through the realms of global and domestic travel. From insightful tips for traveling with children to insider knowledge and unforgettable adventures, we’ll ignite your confidence to book your next family trip.

Delve into the essence of lifestyle as we unveil hidden gems, offer practical advice, expand horizons by challenging ourselves with baking sourdough, and blend to a plant-based lifestyle, and celebrate the beauty of ordinary moments that elevate life to the extraordinary.

Come along on the adventure; Life’s Tools & Tales: Consulting, Travel, Family.

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Welcome! I’m Emily, a seasoned corporate professional with over fifteen years of experience, actively serving clients as the Lead Consultant for Meyer Consulting Group LLC. While my expertise extends beyond learning and development, encompassing project management and coaching, I’m passionate about sharing insights garnered throughout my career. In addition to my professional pursuits, I’ve embarked on enriching family travels, exploring new horizons with loved ones. Beyond these adventures, I’ve also embraced the fulfilling journey of motherhood after overcoming years of infertility struggles. Join me in navigating these diverse experiences, and feel free to contribute your own insights and adventures in the comments. This space is dedicated to mutual learning and growth.


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